The photographer

Award-winning photographer, Luiz Antonio Souza was born into a Portuguese family that made Hong Kong its home for five generations. He comes from a long line of talented artists. His maternal great-great-grandfather, Marciano Antonio Baptista (1826 -1896) belonged to a group of famous “China Coast” painters which included George Chinnery, Auguste Borget, Edward Hildebrandt and Lam Qua. But instead of a brush, he chose the camera as his medium.

He has been photographing landscapes and the natural environment for over 20 years. His interest in photography has taken him to remote locations in Africa, Alaska, the Arctic Circle, northern Australia, Central and South America, India, Malaysia, Micronesia and the remote reefs of Flores and West Papua in Indonesia. His underwater, wildlife and travel location images have appeared in international publications and featured in local commercial projects.

He is the author of "The Natural Beauty of Hong Kong - A Photographic Journey" which was first published in 2010 (Asia One Books). The book showcases Hong Kong's magnificent natural scenery particularly along its east coast with its many islands and coves, wonderful beaches, rugged mountains, waterfalls, marine reserves and spectacular sedimentary and volcanic rock structures.